Friday, March 6, 2009

We're trying to outfit our office

Hey there friends!

So we've got this office space donated to us at the Main Street Market ~ and it's wonderful!  But here's the catch ~ it's completely unfurnished.  Does anyone out there have any office-y type things they're looking to unload?  If so, please call me ~ Marisa, at 960-0155.  I have a truck and can arrange to pick up any large items.  

Here's what we're looking for:
- Desks
- Office chairs
- Filing cabinet     
- Bookcases or shelves   
- Sofa or loveseat   
- Long table for informational displays   
- Coffee table or side tables
- Lamps
- Computers
- Printer 
- Trash bins, recycle bins

- Reams of paper
- Envelopes
- Stapler
- Hole punch
- Paper clips
- Post-its
- Pens & pencils
- Notepads
- Cork board or bulletin board
- Hanging file folders
- Manila folders
- Labels

So as you can see ~ we're operating bare bones right now.  We'd love any items that you no longer need.  Gimme a call!  960-0155  

Thank you again so much for your interest and support! 

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  1. I've downsized our office and can donate some office supplies and maybe some bigger gear. Give me a ring next Tues/Wed and you can swing by to go "shopping"!