Monday, March 29, 2010

Laying an Egg for the Hungry?

We've been talking up our Plant a Row campaign for a while now, and we're thrilled to report that we've got more than 25 gardeners in Charlottesville participating.  Of course, it's still March and as the cool weather today is reminding us, still early spring (though rumor has it we could see 85 degrees by Friday!).  Suffice it to say we're not exactly expecting donations to pile up anytime soon...

Of course, that was before some the members of CLUCK (Charlottesville League of Urban Chicken Keepers) got involved!  Thanks to some creative thinking outside the last week, four members of CLUCK donated 13.5 dozen eggs to the Haven at First and Market.

Not only is this awesome and amazing and a big deal, it's also the first official Plant a Row for the Hungry donation this year -- yep, even though it's not fruits or veggies, we're still counting it!  The sentiment and the effort and the care behind it are the same, and we like to see folks being creative, thinking big, and staying open-minded!  Any bets on what's next?!

P.S. You can still join the Plant a Row effort!

image credit: Guinevere Higgins

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