Friday, April 9, 2010

Mystery Photo Revealed!

Ok.  Apparently I need to make these harder, because a bunch of you got this one!  Rusty tomato cages is correct!!  Nice work Jen, Jessica and maybe Stephanie here on the blog, and Matthew over on Facebook.

We've got a ton of these things around the farm, and yes, untangling them will be an ugly mess.  But we're also trying something new for our tomatoes this year: the Florida weave.  One of the main goals of our Educational Farm is to try out new techniques that may be easier, more effective or produce better product than the usual methods -- and then share that information with our growers and our community

Many experts report that using the Florida weave technique -- once you get the hang of it -- is the best and most efficient way to deal with large, indeterminate tomato plants, producing better fruit and keeping the plants up off the ground.  Not to mention, it's supposed to makes harvesting a lot easier.

I guess we'll find out, considering we have more than a thousand baby tomato plants just hanging out in the greenhouse waiting for frost-free weather!  Stay tuned for more reports!

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