Friday, May 21, 2010

Grilling in Season

The rain earlier this week was rough.  My farm uniform quickly became knee-high rubber boots, a raincoat, and a slick layer of red mud, and I'm pretty sure the floorboard of my car now boasts enough dirt to start its own mobile garden.  Suffice it to say that the sunshine yesterday and today has been very, very welcome -- not just for me but also all the veggies working hard out in the field.

If you're also feeling grateful for the reprieve and thinking about firing up the charcoal tonight or later this weekend (what better way to celebrate), I think you might enjoy this post about grilling in season which has some great suggestions and easy recipes, and really got me hungry.  While it's true that summer veggies on the grill are classic (corn on the cob?  eggplant?  peppers?  yes please.), spring has a thrill all its own.  You know what I'm talking about -- after a long, cold winter of mealy, wilted produce, there's really nothing like the first bite of local, fresh from the farm vegetables -- especially when they are hot off the grill.

Out here at the farm, we're harvesting stalks of bright green asparagus, tender baby squash, crunchy bok choy, crispy kale, spring onions -- all of which would be magnificent grilled: sweet, delicate and fresh.

Do you have any suggestions or favorite spring veggies on the grill? 

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