Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer's Plenty

Man oh man - are the fruits of summer here! We have so much amazing produce coming in the doors these days - it's incredible. We're working on getting this food out the door as fast as it comes in... As of today, August 3, you can find our produce at the Earlysville Market (formerly known as All Good Grocery), Feast!, Cavalier Produce, Hot Cakes Catering, and L's Burrito & Juice and many others later this week. Check out our website for the latest updates on who's got the goods. We're working on getting produce into Reid's Supermarket downtown, the Lovingston IGA Grocery, and some more retail outlets. We also make sure that a good amount of produce gets to our area's food banks & charitable organizations. Let us know where else you want to find our produce and we'll try to get it there!

Just some of the yumminess that's gracing our warehouse:
Corn, sweet white no-spray
Onions, yellow or red candy apple
White & red fingerling potatoes
Purple potatoes
Baby red & Yukon golds potatoes
Squash blossoms
Tomatoes, heirloom slicing, medium & cherry
Yellow & White Tree-Ripened Peaches
Tree-Ripened Nectarines
Blackberries - big and juicy
Raspberries - fresh & ready to eat
Pastured, free-range, non GMO fed chicken eggs - brown and delish!
Quail eggs - beautiful and delicate
Lots of herbs and other produce!