Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet the Interns

This summer, Local Food Hub is excited to welcome four amazing interns from Charlottesville High School. Three students, Erin Smith, Stevie Garcia, and Samanthia Stover, will be working at our Educational Farm at Maple Hill, and one student, Maurice Jackson, will be working at the warehouse. Through these internships, a partnership with the Charlottesville High School WALK program, these students will gain hands-on farm and office training, and real-world work experience.

We are so happy to have them here this summer, and hope they come away from this experience with an appreciation for farming and agriculture, plenty of non-profit experience and resume building skills, and of course, a taste for freshly-picked, healthy local food.

You'll be seeing a lot of our interns on the blog in coming weeks, but one name you should know right off the bat is Stevie. A organizational maven and a seriously awesome photographer, Stevie will be working alongside our team as a communications intern, documenting her time here in photos and words. Below is her first entry, introducing herself and her fellow interns here at the farm....

Erin Smith, a seventeen year old senior, says the opportunity to be outside a lot is what attracted him to the Local Food Hub internship. “I like the veggies and not having to deal with customers. Also, working at my own pace.” When he’s not working he likes to “just chill.” After he graduates from Charlottesville High he plans on attending PVCC.

“The intervention specialist at my school said I needed to keep busy and that this internship would be good for me,” says Stevie Garcia, 17. She likes working at the farm because it’s, “peaceful and beautiful. Everyone here seems very down to earth.” After high school, Stevie intends to attend an art school to study photography and film making. One of her jobs on the farm is to take photos of different events or visitors.

Samanthia Stover, 17, says she found out about the internship when she overheard her teachers, Mrs. Poe and Mrs. Browning talking about a job interview. “I spoke up and asked if I could do an interview.” Samanthia enjoys the peaceful and quiet setting that comes with working on the farm. She also adds, “the people are nice and it’s fun.” Out of work, her hobbies include being on a computer, texting, hanging out with friends, and swimming. Samanthia wants to go to college in the hopes of becoming a registered nurse.

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