Monday, June 14, 2010

The Week of the Tomato

Well folks, the time has come. Those sweet little tomato seedlings -- the ones we've nurtured from seed since March in our greenhouse, the ones we lovingly transplanted into a sea of black plastic and straw mulch -- those cute little things have gone wild.

No, seriously.

Don't believe me?  See Exhibit A:
Ack! These guys are huge and growing faster by the day.  We're in the thick of pruning and caging and trellising -- and we could really use some extra hands.  

So, consider this a call for help, crop mob-style.  Can you join us one morning this week to help wrestle more than 2,500 tomato plants into submission?  What seems daunting now could easily be knocked out by a big group in just a few hours.

And, while we can't promise you'll stay clean, we can promise camaraderie, gratitude, that refreshing tomato plant-smell, and a possible sighting of the charming little indigo bunting that's been flirting with us all week.

We have some set hours listed below, but if those don't work, we'll take you any morning this week.  Just email before you come.  We hope to see you on the farm!

Wednesday, June 16, 8am - 11am
Saturday, June 19, 8am - 11am

Maple Hill Farm, Scottsville, VA

emily [at]

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