Friday, July 30, 2010

Pesto, Pesto, Who's got the Pesto?

Calling all chefs, home cooks, gardeners and other local foodies: we need your help!

We're looking for volunteers to help us do some food prep and processing at the warehouse!  We'll be slicing and dicing up any and everything that's in season and in abundance, and using it for sampling, preserving and storage. 

Pesto is first on the list -- other things to come.  Melon balling, anyone?

We'd love to have your help, no matter your level of experience!  Join us at the warehouse to help your local nonprofit and learn to make some tasty, seasonal foods.  Plus, who knows, there might be some extras to take home, too!

Interested?  Dates are as follows (all are Tuesdays):

August 3 | 12pm - 2pm
August 10 | 2pm - 4pm
August 17 | 12pm - 2 pm
August 24 | 2pm - 4pm

Email to sign up and get more information!

image credit: stijn/Creative Commons

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