Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eat Here and Feel Good!

Have you been to Brookville yet?  Well, if reviews like this one from Mas to Millers, or this one from edible cville (see best new restaurant, runner-up) haven't convinced you yet, maybe this will!  A new announcement on the Brookville blog states that on every Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, they will be donating $1 per guest to designated charities. 

Of course, we're partial to the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, when the dollars will go to support Local Food Hub!

We have to commend Chef Harrison Keevil on his dedication to family farms and local food.  Not everyone walks the walk, but Brookville does (we know because he buys a ton of local food from us every week).  In fact, we knew Chef Keevil before he ever opened Brookville -- because he volunteered at our warehouse in Ivy.

So, starting this week, check out Brookville and get some tasty food that's good for your heart, your mind, and your belly.  And tell 'em Local Food Hub sent ya.

image credit: Mas to Millers

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