Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So, What IS On Your Plate (for Thursday)?

If you're interested in the sustainable and local food movement, and craving a bit of intelligent discussion from the media — something we get far too little of these days — then sign out of Twitter, log out of Facebook, stop posting on your blog, and join the UVA Food Collaborative tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 7) for What’s On Your Plate: A Public Forum on Local Food and the Media.

An all-star panel will be in town to talk alternative agriculture, sustainable food, the local movement, and the media forces that are shaping our perceptions of the sustainable food movement.  Come for the discussion, hear some different viewpoints, and figure out your place in all of it.  Oh, and stay for a local food reception afterwards, too (including lots of Local Food Hub produce)!

Panelists include:

Tom Philpott, food editor for and full-time farmer at Maverick Farms, a sustainable-agriculture nonprofit and small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Read more of his writing here (including this, one of my favorite pieces from Grist).

Marian Burros, food columnist at the New York Times since 1992, and award-winning cookbook author and journalist.  She is best known for her work in the fields of health and nutrition education, as well as consumer affairs issues and food safety reporting.  Find more of her writing here.

James McWilliams, author of Just Food: Where Locavores Get it Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly, a fellow in the Agrarian Studies Program at Yale University, and an associate professor of history at Texas State University.

The discussion will take place at the LEED-certified Jefferson Scholars Foundation building at 112 Clarke Court from 4 to 6pm.  Hope to see you there!

For more information about the panel and the UVA Food Collaborative, visit their website.

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